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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Bryles Research?

Bryles Research is a local marketing research company. We have been in business for 39 years and we help companies test their products so that they may understand consumer behavior toward their products. These test are conducted in many different way from phone interviewing, in person interviewing, in-store interviewing and more. We contact people from an all varieties of different topics and products.

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What is Marketing Research?

Market Research is what many companies use to get feedback from consumers. When testing or launching a product companies want to get a small sample of how people will accept what they are testing. By testing a small amount of people they are able to tell how there product will react in the local marketplace. So by participating in a test you get to voice your opinion and have an impact on products coming to the market or not.

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Why did you call me?

In order for us to conduct tests for companies we need consumers to come in and give their opinions. The way that we obtain these numbers is through individuals signing up on our website, filling out a database form in our office, through a referral, or provided by our client.

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Why should I participate in the survey?

A small number of people are invited to participate in a survey. You have been chosen because you fit certain criteria, so your answers represent a large segment of the population.

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What happens during the survey?

That depends on the type of survey you are attending.

At a FOCUS GROUP you will meet with 8-10 other people to discuss a product, service, or idea that is of interest to all of you. There will be a moderator to lead the discussion, and we are sure you will find this an interesting and fun experience. Naturally, you are always compensated for your time.

At an INTERVIEW there will be you and an interviewer who will ask you questions, or you may be in a group setting answering questions on your own. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions – just your opinion. You may see an ad for a product, an idea for a new product or service, or be asked to taste or test a new product.

Maybe we will ask you to bring your child to do a survey. We usually ask the parents to wait in another room since parents can be distracting to the child, but we will let you watch whenever possible. Your child may be shown some cartoons, some new toys or ads for some toys.

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Why do you ask personal questions?

Like your age or income? Its because we must have representation in our surveys of certain demographic segments of the population. For more information about personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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Will I be called after the survey?

We realize you feel you have given us enough time and answered enough questions, so every effort is made not to call you back about a survey you have already done. There are exceptions, however.

You may have agreed to take home a product to try and we will call you for your reactions to it. You will know this before you agree to take the product.

The interviewer may have skipped a question or marked an answer incorrectly and we need the missing information.

Our clients occasionally call respondents as a follow-up and a quality assurance measure, to ensure that we have completed the project properly and according to their specifications.

Your name, phone number and address are confidential and are never “sold” to companies that compile mailing lists or sales prospects. If you ever have any questions or comments about a follow up call you receive, please call our office.

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How often can I do surveys?

Unfortunately most of our clients require we not interview the same people very often. There is usually a three to six month period between the times you can participate.

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What if I do not want Bryles research to call me any more?

Please feel free to call our local office to have your name removed from the active calling list. You can also e-mail with your name and home phone number to be removed from our list.

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